Super Smash Bros. Melee player banned from Twitch for drinking too much


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The platform to make livestream of Muscular contraction It has definitely been the favorite place of streamers for these past few years, though like any community, it is governed by different rules and community standards.

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Yesterday, José "Mango" Marquez, an important player and streamer of Super Smash Bros Melee shared in your account Twitter a message he received from Muscular contraction at the time of being banned for drinking too much during his livesteam.

The situation that led Twitch to make that decision was when "Mango" drank more than the bill in its flow on Sunday, where I'm almost in a state of extreme drunkenness, so to speak. The received message is read: "Based on an analysis of your activity or content, in accordance with our Community Guidelines, we have issued a temporary suspension of your account" and reason wrote as follows: "Dangerous use of drugs or alcohol."

You can check the video of what happened next.

Editorial: Games / Facebook / Twitter Roof


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