Summer: Fan sales rise 75% due to high temperatures in Lima | economy


All by blessed heat! Thousands of people in Lima do not withstand the high temperatures they feel, not only during the day but also at night, and so they have allocated part of their budget to buy a fan the apparatus that has become a necessity in the homes of Peruvians.

According to Lima Chamber of Commerce , sales of fans they increased one 75% in January, after the high temperatures recorded that month, so that the 100% increase that had been estimated for the first quarter of the year will be exceeded.

"For the first quarter of 2019 we estimate that the fan market would grow by one 100%, but now we see that the number will be higher, after knowing the result of January, "said Carlos Mujica, vice president of the Household Appliances Committee CCL.

"There are stores that have experienced more than 300% increases in fan sales in the first three days of February, where some of them ran out of stock on Sunday," he said. Mujica.

As for stocks, the sector is currently fueled, but if the heatwave and demand increase are maintained, it is very likely that the fan stock will run out before the end of the summer season, he said. CCL.

Mujica also indicated that there is currently a great diversity of prices due to the variety of models, brands and qualities of the equipment sold in the local market.

The prices are S / 39 up to over S / 350 for the highest and highest performance. In air conditioners, prices can vary from S / 599 in basic appliances to more than S / 3,500 in commercial models.


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