Strong critic receives documentary on Victor Jara


"Do not watch Víctor Jara's Netflix documentary that humanizes and gives a platform to the liar Pedro Barrientos to lie." Various texts like this began appearing on social networks on Sunday as a critique of the stadium's Massacre, the documentary recently released by the streaming site about the Chilean singer-songwriter.

An interview that the murderer of Victor Jara, according to condemned the American justice, would only grant if it were submitted to the polygraph, also known more commonly as lie detector.

It was there that he responded with a refusal to his guilt, but the test yielded an inconclusive result, since Barrientos ignored the examiner's instructions for breathing, which altered the test performed.

In this regard, the doctorate in psychology and specialist in psychological expertise, Norma Molina, explained: "More than work is well or poorly executed, which means that the result is inconclusive is that there was manipulation of the assessed."

– What does this means?

That the person examined was able to control the responses given in that test and this causes the result to be invalid.

The expert in this type of situation commented that if Barrientos wanted to tell the truth, he would not have put obstacles. "One hypothesis that can be raised is that he dealt with the technique to respond and manipulate the polygraph. When someone wants to clarify something, it does not condition, but rather the way to gather that information is conditioned."

They question

Both Eduardo Carrasco of Quilapayún and Horacio Salinas of Inti Illimani Histórico gave their testimony in this documentary about the life of their chord partner. In the presence of Barrientos, they told La Cuarta that they felt uncomfortable.

"A gigantic cowardice of those who do not want to recognize this crime is also shown and speaks very badly of this part of the Chileans that has proved a terrible tragedy," said Horacio Salinas. For his part, the member of Quilapayún said: "I felt very sad after seeing him. He lived far away because he started out as a coward, because he does not want to take what he has done." I do not know how many years he could not establish a fair trial in our country. "

"Twenty years ago we did a much higher documentary"

In 1998, one of the first audiovisual materials that touched the life of Víctor Jara was released. The author? The deputy today Pamela Jiles.

"When he finally went on the air, I felt a lot of pride and a sense of justice." Victor's name could not be pronounced out loud until now.In fact, he was not named on TV for two decades, Grandma ".

At the time of the comparisons, Pamela said that "with very modest means, twenty years ago, we made a documentary much superior to that of Netflix, both from the point of view of the cinematographic project and the content."

The deputy emphasizes the criticism received from the work of Netflix. "And by the way, we did not change the apartment for the murderers, and then we discovered, when no one dared, the brutality with which the dictatorship murdered a man whose only sin was to be faithful to his people, the most authentic voice of the oppressed," says Jiles .

– The critic pointed to the humanization of the guilty party of the murder. Do you feel that way?

Without a doubt It's a trap to distort the story. (Barrienos) It's crap.


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