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Cult participated in the panel of Comic Con in São Paulo, where the actors revealed details of the third season of the series. Noah Schnapp, Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink shared great milestones with their fans and what is to come in 2019 for folk history.

In front of a crowd of almost 3,500 fans, the Stranger cast was responsible for closing the activities of the fifth edition of Comic Con Experience in São Paulo (Brazil) last Sunday, where they were absolute protagonists. Noah Schnapp (Will), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Sadie Sink (Max) were applauded for most of the 30 minutes they relived the milestones of the successful Netflix series with their fans as they delivered the first. details of the third season of the story.

Known for being one of the noisiest and passionate in this type of event, but what's more, the Brazilian public exploded in shouts and applause when on a giant screen the names of the next episodes of the series were revealed. Although without any unreleased footage, the video has released the titles of eight new episodes that will debut on the platform in 2019: Will you copy me, Suzie? The case of rats; The lifeguard disappeared; The sauna test; The source; Birthday The bite and battle of Starcourt.

In addition, they revealed that the characters will have more freedom to explore other parts of Hawkins, the fictional town where the story unfolds in addition to his school. That's because the plot will take place in the summer of 1985 and the kids will be on vacation.

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"I feel like I've met many of you through Instagram, and now we finally have the opportunity to have that experience in person.I would like to be around people like you all the time," Schnapp said with some excitement for his Brazilian fans, before reviewing with them the key milestones of the successful production, which since its debut in 2016, adds 31 Emmy nominations and awards prizes sparked a revival of the eighties science fiction and horror.

Previously, via Twitter, Netflix Brazil did a survey asking the fans which Stranger scene they considered the best so far. The winner was the exorcism of Will Byers, the character of Schnapp, who holds special memories of that day of recording. It was a very crazy scene on the last night of filming, we filmed from midnight at 8 am I remember I was screaming a lot and my voice was already agitated, I had to drink a lot of tea to last until the end, but it became one of the best scenes in the series, "said the 14-year-old actor.

For Caleb (Lucas), meanwhile, his favorite scene is the first season, when Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) tests his abilities to take Lucas out of Mike (Finn Wolfhard) during a fight. Closing the trio, Sadie acknowledged that it is from him that Max and Lucas talk on the roof of the bus. "A really cool scene," he commented.

In passing, the two boys talked about how Sadie's arrival was for a group of exclusively male friends. Caleb confessed to being skeptical, "but then I saw that we would have a good relationship." Schnapp said she was not "very happy when I heard she was coming in, but once I met her I really enjoyed it," she said.

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