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Steve Harris British Lion: Against All Odds

It is inevitable that things get mixed up when one day is so intense. We can not mention anything about the very good show he gave The rasmus, in his reunion with Chile the night of November 15 in a Chocolate Club without reference to how the barricades were lit on the outside and the police forces operated with impunity using their means to instill fear. It is inevitable to think about this, because even at the doors of the Bellavista neighborhood, the effects of the tear gas launched by the Carabineros were felt. It is in days like this that the happy bubble in which art is often developed, in general, and even more, a massive cultural manifestation like concerts, is more noticeable.

As the city burned, there was a little piece of Finland on the stage trying to silence this sad and sad context of repression and pain. In fact, the sensations before a show like the one of The Rasmus do not even fit the nostalgia, although its greater success has been with singles of a disc of 2003 ("Dead letters"), But the simplest happiness is to see happy, fervent and passionate fans with screens of different fan clubs, such as a convention around the music. In addition, the quartet does not seem to see time goes by because its sound and energy seem the same as 15 years ago.

A very cool day that, even with a tear-tasting taste in certain parts of the Chocolate Club, began with a pair of winning tracks from "Dead Letters," "First day of my life"AND"Guilty"Which immediately raised the temperature and the transparent balloons that the audience wore, giving more colors and textures to a picture full of love. Zoé a couple of nights ago, the voice of Lauri Ylönen sounded so good, it might sound like you were doing reproduction, but not. He still managed to get people to sing in choreographed songs like "Without fear"Or"Time to burn"

Not only was Lauri doing her job and generating reactions in people, but in the whole band. For example, Aki Hakala of the drums, I kept yelling "Rich boy!"And other hymns reifying, while he was clinical in his way of making percussions, without excesses or failures, the same as the guitarist Pauli Rantasalmi, while the bassist Eero Heinonen He was more concerned that people applauded, vibrated and also communicated several times to express how similar they were to Finland and Chile in their geographies and the passion for music that people see. Maybe that's why this love for The Rasmus could be cryogenized and therefore live forever because they are moments like those experienced in this show that allow us to think that the fan's unconditionality is something real.

Although they came to promote "Black Matter"This album that they released in 2017, they played only three songs of this material and the show was based mainly on the album that launched them to fame, of which they played 8 of their 10 songs. equal to their respective moments of release and yet everything seems to come out of the oven.It is a testament to the effervescence of an audience that does not make the day seem like a remembrance of 2003 songs, but as the pinnacle and the best moment of a band which seems to be on the rise.This, even with new songs like "Holy grail"That at least a third of the people in the audience knew each other, being a song not officially released and coming out only a few months ago Details like these are what make a band look brilliant.

The show is well thought out, from the design of the lighting to its structure, with a part of the songs fastened and well played, moving the audience and then giving them a little acoustic session with "Not like the other girls"AND"Still standing", Then balance with"Funeral Song"With Lauri only with the strings and Eero bass, making clear the power of his voice and also the lungs of fans and fans, enriching the show towards its climax with Helsinki's mega-hit"In the shadows"Being undeniably tremendous. Execution and perfect energy, with the right place for it to shine, all to leave an audience hungry for more and more of Rasmus, something that a few minutes later would be fixed.

Eero went up on the stage alone, talked about how beautiful the mountain range is and how much it resembles the mountains of Finland and Scandinavia, and then, with the electroacoustic guitar in hand, makes a version of "Kiss me a lot", Without knowing much the lyrics, but the melody. Although this music is original for the artist Consuelo Velázquez and will be popularized in some parts by Pedro Infante, the truth is that the world associates much more with the recently deceased I fight Gatica, the king of bolero, and is seen as a very beautiful detail that, in Chile, chose a song so different from the cliché to honor the country and its artists.

After that, a powerful version of "Wonderman"And the collective karaoke of"Sail away"They closed a show on the verge of perfection, which in just under an hour and a half served as protection against external pain and as a bubble of love in the face of so much injustice. Sometimes music is necessary to have happiness in difficult times , and this contrast became evident in a show that exceeded all expectations at the height of professionalism and connection to an unconditional and beautiful audience.


  1. First day of my life
  2. Guilty
  3. Without fear
  4. Paradise
  5. Time to burn
  6. Immortal
  7. Justify
  8. Anything
  9. Holy grail
  10. Not like the other girls
  11. Still standing
  12. Funeral Song
  13. F-F-F-Falling
  14. In my life
  15. Living in a world without you
  16. In the shadows
  17. Kiss me a lot (original by Consuelito Velázquez)
  18. Wonderman
  19. Sail away

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