Started? Juan Darthés traveled to Brazil amid denunciations of actresses of "Ugly Duckling" | TV and Shows


"Soldier that begins …", well, you know how the popular saying ends. But in this case, saying that he speaks of cowardice, apparently, has taken another turn.

In the midst of the denunciations and questioning against him for the violation, Argentine actor Juan Darthés would have left his country in the direction of Brazil.

This was reported by the radio station Radiophonic, media that published the photograph confirming that the actor took a plane to Rosario airport in Argentina, a plane direct to São Paulo.



What is not entirely clear is whether he traveled alone or accompanied. According to Todo Noticias, there are versions that indicate that Maria Leone, his wife and two children would accompany him to settle in this new destination.

As an addendum – not to think badly – but it happens that the Brazilian justice system does not contemplate the option of extraditing people to Nicaragua or to Argentina, since there is no agreement of judicial cooperation with these countries.

Recall that Darthés faces a harsh denunciation of actress Thelma Fardin, who accuses him of having raped her during a tour in Nicaragua Ugly duckling, the children's series in which both participated a few years ago.

In the only interview that the actor gave to channel A24, the actor told how he stayed when he heard the complaint: "I can not explain to you the night I've been through … I want people to know that I'm dead.Twenty times they can not kill me.The only thing that interests me is telling my truth.I was never nobody , I never assaulted anyone. "


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