Square Enix launches launch trailer for the long awaited game Kingdom Hearts 3 | Technology


Square Enix revealed on Tuesday the launch trailer Kingdom Hearts 3, the expected title that is already available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It is a game that was announced more than 5 years ago, specifically in Electronic Entertainment Expor (E3) 2013.

Throughout this period, Sora He kept his huge fan base all over the world.

Following, we can see several famous characters, such as Mickey, Donald and Goofy in different adventures.

Note that this is the first time that the protagonist of the franchise will travel through Pixar worlds and other Disney animations.

Tetsuya Nomura, series director Kingdom Hearts, was extremely excited about the delivery launch.

"The story is full of mysteries, so players will want to waste time to not miss anything. Adventure is the journey itself, not just the final destination," he said, according to the website of Hobby Consoles.

"This will be one of the most incredible experiences Sora will ever experience with his friends, so I hope the players enjoy it. For all our fans around the world, thank you for waiting patiently for the arrival of this day. "closed


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