SpaceX's first test ship to go to Mars is ready and looks like something out of a science fiction comic.


Image: Elon Musk

Formerly known as BFRElon Musk showed the prototype finished a few hours ago Stellar ship, the SpaceX spacecraft, which will be used for suborbital testing sometime this year as part of its ambitious plan to travel to Mars.

To be more specific, this Stellar ship in particular, will be used for suborbital vertical ascent tests similar to those completed for the Falcon 9 in 2013

Image: Elon Musk

The previously known as Big Hawk Rocket (BFR) is designed to transport dozens of people deep into space and return to Earth along with all the cargo that may be required for the success of such a mission.

Now known as Stellar shipThe company has been busy putting together the various components of this first prototype that can be seen in its launch pad in Texas.

Image: Elon Musk

As seen in the pictures, Stellar ship is shining, with stainless steel that looks retro and futuristic in equal parts, and so it will continue, as the company says that the "skin" would get too hot if it finished painting.

Image: Elon Musk

SpaceX hopes to make some changes to the orbital version. It will have a thicker outer layer to avoid eventualities and a smoother curvaceous section of the nose. It is expected that this version will be complete by June. [NewAtlas]


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