Soteldo representative wants U: "Azul Azul should be looking for the way to stay"


The continuity of the Venezuelan pointer Yeferson Soteldo at the University of Chile It is one of the great uncertainties that exists in Azul Azul. The best left front of the Gala The Chart-ANFP had a sweet and graceful year, and therefore, the possible millionaire investment that has to make the U to keep it, is in constant discussion in the directory.

To make you stay, the concessionaire who administers The laity must make use of the 50% of the Chamo pass or ask for another loan from Huachipato, the club owner of his letter and this has shown interest in negotiating any formula with the U in a way that Soteldo follows.

Both options, yes, would mean a heavy investment for the Blues, which representative of Soteldo, Sebastián Cano, assumes. The 21-year-old Venezuelan agent acknowledges The map of Chile his desire for his client to remain in the U in 2019, but explains that there is an agreement not to pressure Azul Azul until December 31, when the first loan between the laity and Talcahuano's painting ends.

"I understand that the half price option is high, I understand that. I will not talk about numbers because it does not correspond to me, so I think the U should look for a way to make him stay, but I will not condemn the team if I do not reach such circumstances. I understand the economies of the countries, the clubs and the respect, "said Cano.

"The desire I have is that the U can make use of the purchase option and agree with Huachipato, however, to be able to exercise it, but as they decide, here is a contract and an option until the 31st. U can see and not induce one thing or another, it is written on paper and only depends on the parties who signed the agreement (…) and if this does not happen, or if the U decides not to exercise the call option or whatever, the player is very grateful than he lived in the U and will never forget, "he added.

But Cano, too, thinks the main thing is that Yef stays in the U to continue with his adaptation time, due to the fear that has to go to another club and have no continuity.

"The U is a very big club, not only South American, but globally, then to adapt, to gain an initial position and to be regular, so that the technicians there want it and need you, who needs time. If the player has to stay another year in the U, I have no problems, I just do not want him to go to a club and do not go play, as happened in the Chilean market and you think of all these things, "he said.

Deny "multimillionaire" salary

On the other hand, Soteldo's agent denies that the player has asked for a "multimillion-dollar" Continue in 2019 in the U and account of the desire that has the pointer to continue on the team of Frank Kudelka.

"The improvement of conditions is within the contract, there are no multi-million dollar salaries. If the player continues, he will have his improvements because he is in the contract and this was signed because he agreed. For us, salary is one of the things that we care least because if you give the option to buy we sit and there we will see if they say: the boy from A to Z came to K & # 39; , there we will see if there is a possibility, "said Cano.

"He said this repeatedly, we have a saying in Venezuela that says: I do not want to pregna, like when you're going to have a child, but the desire is not enough, your desire depends on a signed document that will be seen if it becomes a reality, "he added.

The future of Soteldo is subject to a pending vote by the board of directors of Azul Azul, which will go to this Wednesday, the last meeting of the council which the concessionaire will hold in the year and which will review the future of the entire university campus.


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