After the resounding failure of PS Vita, Sony decided that portable consoles would no longer be part of their. His attention was completely focused on the PlayStation desktop and the decision paid off later: today the PS4 is the most successful console of the generation. Despite the above, it seems that the Japanese company did not want to completely forget the laptops and patented a new cartridge.

Sony requested the registration of the patent since November of the previous yearand was last October 5, when it received the approval of KIPRIS, a South Korean organization of intellectual property records. The cartridge is designed by Yujin Morisawa, senior art director at the Corporate Design Center at Sony Interactive Entertainment, the video game division.

As you can see from the illustrations above, the cartridge design is very different from what we saw on Nintendo's laptops. It integrates an unknown port, certainly owned by Sony, and a strange hole on the other side. Unfortunately, the patent does not describe the operation of the cartridge, is limited to presenting the visual aspect.

In 2017 they registered the patent for a console much like the Nintendo Switch

Companies constantly record their ideas, but not all end up being a reality in a commercial product. The interesting thing is that in the same year Sony has registered another patent related to a portable console, much like the concept of the Nintendo Switch. At that time, they also did not describe the idea, but the design suggested that it was a hybrid console (portable and desktop).

It is not ruled out that the company wants to return to a market that has already been dominated by the PSP. Now Sony already is focused on its next generation console, O PlayStation 5. It is complicated that soon we will see its return to the sector of portable video games, but it is a movement that can not be discarded. No one wants to lose a market that generates so much revenue and currently belongs only to Nintendo.

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