Some had up to 39 candidates per share


This monday, more than 154 thousand students who took the University Selection Test and who have applied for one of the 41 universities linked to the Single System of Admissions of the Council of Rectors, will know if they have been accepted.

After knowing this information, they will have three days to sign up, wait for the waiting list to compete or opt for another alternative in higher education.

As a result, the newspaper El Mercurio released the list of most requested races in 2018.

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Of the 15 programs that attracted most interest among students, in total 37 thousand applications have been registered, but 4,800 seats were offered. In other words, 7.6 students competed for each job.

There are more extreme cases, such as running Obstetrics and Neonatology at Diego Portales University, where last year they had 39.8 young people per quota.

Most of the most demanding careers are engineering, law and some related to healthcare such as medicine and midwifery.

According to the director of the Single Admission System (SUA), María Elena González, the phenomenon is due to the fact that they are "Because they have a high social status. In Chile, everyone wanted their children to be lawyers or engineers".

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Next, the list of races with more applications in 2018:

1. Engineering and Cs. Common Plan at the University of Chile (4,050 applications, 735 places)
2. Right in the U. of Chile (2,885 applications, 548 places)
3. Commercial Engineering, U. of Chile (2,885 applications, 420 places)
4. Medicine, U. of Chile (2,654 applications, 182 places)
5. Engineering, U. Católica (2,604 applications, 672 posts)
6. Obstetrics, U. Andrés Bello (2,551 nominations, 131 places)
7. Commercial Engineering, U. Adolfo Ibáñez (2,529 applications, 515 places)
8. Medicine, U. de Concepción (2,236 applications, 110 places)
9. Commercial Engineering, U. Católica (2,228 applications, 439 posts)
10. Commercial Engineering, U. de Santiago (2,213 applications, 290 places)
11. Obstetrics and Neonatology, U. Diego Portales (2,190 nominations, 55 places)
12. Commercial Engineering, U. Diego Portales (2,184 applications, 350 places)
13. Obstetrics, U. San Sebastián (2,146 applications, 95 seats)
14. Nursing, U. Andrés Bello (2,145 applications, 289 places)
15. Medicine, U. de Santiago (2,058 applications, 65 places).


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