Smokers who pack their own cigarettes, less willing to give up. News from Guipúzcoa


Smokers wrapping their own cigarettes are less likely to stop, according to a new study by University College London (UCL).

MADRID The research, published in the BMJ Open and funded by Cancer Research UK, found that only 15.9% of smokers who made their own cigarettes were motivated to quit smoking, compared with 20.3% of those who smoked their cigarettes . who smoked factory cigarettes.

The study found that the main reason why these smokers do not think about quitting so much seems to be the relatively cheap cost of these products compared to factory cigarettes.

While the average daily consumption of cigarettes by users of rolling tobacco was broadly comparable to that of factory cigarette smokers, they spent only about half of cigarette consumption per week (£ 14.33 versus $ 26.79 as a purchase of cigarettes) . packages).

"Smokers constantly refer to price as one of the main reasons for quitting. With rolling cigarettes, which offer a lower cost alternative to factory cigarettes, their users may continue to smoke and therefore they have less desire to stop smoking "explains lead author of the study, Dr. Sarah Jackson, UCL's Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care.

The survey was conducted over a nine-and-a-half year period, from November 2008 to March 2018, using the Smoking Toolkit Study, an ongoing monthly study on smoking habits in England. The data were provided by more than 38,000 English adults who were current smokers or who quit smoking last year.

More than half (56.3%) of the smokers interviewed said they smoked exclusively factory cigarettes, compared to a third (36.6%) who smoked exclusively cigarettes.

"This has important implications for tobacco control policy, since a key strategy used by governments around the world to reduce tobacco use is to raise taxes on tobacco products to raise the cost of smoking," says the doctor. . .

Kruti Shrotri, a specialist in tobacco control at Cancer Research UK, adds: "Smoking is much cheaper, so it is not surprising that smokers who use them are less motivated to stop smoking than cigarettes "They use factory cigarettes, so they have to raise tobacco taxes to curb their prices to factory cigarettes to help motivate smokers to quit, regardless of the type of tobacco they consume."

Along the same lines, Deborah Arnott, Executive Director of Smoking and Health (ASH), adds that "the evidence is clear: access to a cheaper type of tobacco makes smokers less likely to stop smoking." The main reasons why factory cigarettes are more expensive are taxes. The significant increase of these taxes to eliminate this differential would be beneficial to discourage the consumption of cigarettes and at the same time to increase the collection ".


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