Smart meters: UDI MPs demand resignation of Energy Minister


O Members of UDI Celso Morales and Juan Manuel Fuenzalida they required the resignation of the Minister of Energy, Susana Jiménez, following the controversy surrounding the implementation of the smart meterswhich, finally, as announced by the Government, they can be changed voluntarily.

Mr Morales pointed to The mercury what happened "is imperative" and "we must clarify what happens, make it transparent and act."

"One must assume the irresponsibility of this lack of coordination, the president must ask for the resignation of the minister Jiménez"he opined.

Along the same lines, Deputy Juan Manuel Fuenzalida pointed out that, "Politically, someone has to take responsibility", for what"It would be good that Minister Jiménez put his position at the disposal of President Piñera"

"I hope the commission of inquiry establishes the political responsibility of those who were the cause of this situation, because this can not be left in no man's land, can not remain in the air. This political responsibility, if we want to make it executable, can not be left behind."he said.

Frente Amplio accuses "political advantage"

In statements to Cooperative, the deputy Pablo Vidal (RD), who chairs the investigative commission on the actions of public agencies in the implementation of these smart, accused advantage of the law itself.

"They are UDI parliamentarians against their own government, who are demonstrating absolute ignorance on this subject. MEP Celso Morales himself voted in favor of the law of and now he wants to hold the Minister of Energy for a poorly implemented public policy"he whipped.

Former energy undersecretary is unmarked

Meanwhile, the old Subsecretariat of Energy and Telecommunications in the government of Michelle Bachelet Pedro Huichalaf he distanced himself from the accusations of the Piñera government and clarified that the project presented in its period is not the same as the one promoted in the current one.

"The bill originally discussed in Congress, we all know is related to emergency issues, in the event that people lose their homes, companies were responsible for replacing amendments and meters for free"Huichalaf pointed out.

The former undersecretary said that "the government is currently blaming the former, but it turns out that the great the responsibility of allowing electric meters to be installed without technical standards is from this government"


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