Slash featured Greta Van Fleet as responsible for rock is turning a new page SonarFM


The guitarist said that rock became "boring."

After the rise of hip-hop, rap and R & B as the favorite genres in the world, the discussion on a possible rocky state of rock It has been recurring for the last time.

About this same was consulted one of the greatest exponents of the music of guitar. We talk about slash who in an interview with Billboard Radio China answered the question on whether rock is living today "period of concealment".

The guitarist started his response by doing a recount of one of the bands he joined. "When the Velvet Revolver came out, there was definitely a movement that started between the early and mid-1990s and lasted through the late 1990s and into the millennium, so we went out and there were tons of new rock and roll bands." commented the guitarist.

However, Slash said that after that was the business focus of rock and roll and industry those who have imposed the bands to be somewhat successful. According to the musician, this is how rock became something that "He gets on the radio, but he really does not call anyone and it's annoying and people start looking elsewhere."

Despite this unfortunate scenario, Slash said he felt rock is "turning to a new page" because "There are a lot of hungry rock and roll bands that are joining now, and it's something I know."

It was at this moment that the musician highlighted the work that the new bands are doing today. "Obviously, Greta Van Fleet did incredibly well and made everyone cheer up and say," Oh, wow! "Now there are people looking for young rock bands and teenagers to come in. So it's interesting." he commented.


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