Sigrid Alegría confirmed the novel with a sense of relief: "The press is very macho and burlesque" | TV and Shows


A few days ago it was learned that the actress Sigrid Alegría was again in partnership with 30-year-old actor and writer Francisco Germaín..

This novel led several of his followers by surprise, despite the fact that it has been a year since it was polished with the protagonist of the contents that are sent to the YouTube Faramalla account.

And although the actress did not want to talk about respect, she was his friend, Pamela Rodríguez, who gave an interview to the LUN, noting that "Sigrid and Pancho have been working together since May 2018. They met two or three months earlier on the anniversary of a mutual friend."

In this context, he said that Alegría discovered in him "a fun, intelligent and successful guy in his work".

Regarding the secrecy of this new relationship, Pamela said it is not that they keep it a secret, but simply "they are not interested in exhibiting it and want to live on their own." Sigrid has already learned that this is not good and now she prefers to talk about her work. "

But this Monday the program Intruders The Network was able to find the actress and it was she who confirmed the novel, but with a sense of relief that would explain its rejection to this type of content.

"Yes, I am paired with Pancho Germaín, we are happy and we had a lot of fun", Confessed to the farandulero space.

Immediately afterwards, he went to the farandulero's space, pointing out that his "bad vibrations" were not directly with them, but generally with the press. "The truth is that I do not like to talk about it with you, it has been a bad experience … the press of this type and the other too, it is very macho and very burlesque", He condemned.

Remember that years ago he lived a hot romance with the actor Alonso Quintero, a relationship that was surprising due to the age difference between the two (almost 20 years), and was extremely mediating, so probably on this occasion continues to keep their love life away from the chambers.


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