Shop that gave you a T-shirt for Boric has "devilish" drawings by Felipe Camiroaga


De Mal is the name of the Instagram store that gave a shirt to Representative Gabriel Boric with a print of Jaime Guzman's face with bullets on his head.

However, the repercussion of this was a step forward, because after the video was released where the parliamentarian leaves many people began to enter the account of the store Instagram and realized that there were drawings of other faces of our country, among them was Felipe Camiroaga .

This prompted the claim of The Falcons of Camiroaga, who has posted in his Facebook group that the situation is a "penalty."

"They use the image of a great humorous guy with a giant heart to make his diabolical images", they pointed out.

Along with this, the group called the owners of the store to have respect for the figure of the deceased animator.

"Why occupy the image of Felipe, as he has always united us, in life and in his unexpected journey. I want these young people to think a little more. He still has his father and brothers here. Would you do the same to a close relative? "They said.

The store also has drawings of other personalities from the politics world, such as Lucia Hiriart and Michelle Bachelet.

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