Shocking images: wrestling fighter broke his skull after losing a jump in a fight | sports


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Instagram | @xshawnphoenix

Explicit image warning: it may hurt the sensitivity of some people

Shawn Phoenix, a 27-year-old Pro Wrestling Tees fighter, does not count twice. During a match of fight, he hardly calculated a jump and ended up hitting the head with the ground.

The chilling images show how the American, after jumping from the ring to a table where his rival was lying, He was lying on the floor due to a fractured skull on the hard blow.

Phoenix was treated immediately and then transferred to the nearest hospital. The fighter was discharged after passing six days internship and with constant examinations for your skull and brain.

"I just remember being on the top rope, then I got up on the floor. Imagine the worst headache you've ever had, so imagine that you hit a baseball bat with that headache," said the fighter in his nets social policies.

"I'm an adrenaline junkie, unfortunately it did not work out the way I wanted it. The risks are real, accidents can happen. But I'm unbreakable, "added Phoenix.


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