She is tired: Denise Rosenthal denounces in networks that she was a third victim of crime | Social networks


Many times Denise Rosenthal shares with her fans through social networks some passages of her life, but especially her work as a singer.

However, on some occasions he also used them to denounce criminal acts of which he was a victim, just what he did in one of his recent publications.

Through her account on Instagram, the singer revealed that she suffered a third assault in four months.

It is in this scenario that he showed a photograph of the glass of his broken car and shared a message of meaning in which he claimed to be sad following the theft of his music rack.

Denise Rosenthal / Instagram

Denise Rosenthal / Instagram

"We all know that stuff does not matter, but in the last four months, three have been stolen, here in the capital." "I walk piola for life, I'm a good guy, I guess." I had the lectern of my keyboard by accident, I was stuck with turkey, but … seriously, who uses this wea, the lectern is super specific ", began by pointing out the interpreter of Isidora.

Finally, Rosenthal asked who sees his booth for sale, can help and advise.

"If you see a Silver Spider stand for sale, let me know why you're doing this,, asked the artist.

Denise Rosenthal / Instagram

Denise Rosenthal / Instagram

It must be remembered that in September 2018 he also used his Instagram account to report a theft, at that time computers with the templates and compositions for his new album.


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