Thursday , February 25 2021

she broke after confirming the loss of her pregnancy and revised Arturo Prat

Angelica Sepulveda, who surprised everyone after confessing she was pregnant at the end of the reality show "1810", was raised in recent days in Farandulandia.

The "Yungay Fairy" told her truth in "The night is ours" and generated different reactions, including that of Arturo Prat, his partner at the time, who assured her that she had no idea and that she would like to accompany her throughout the process.

In addition, After all that situation, Angelica went further and told more details about the ordeal she was living at the time. In addition, he confirmed that, unfortunately, he suffered the loss of the baby that was coming, and he passed by Prat with everything.

"I was very excited.I was not happy.I did not tell him because he went to the next reality show and after three days he was with another girl.And I was devastated.I was one day in the apartment.A channel journalist he calls me, very controversial, and he says "a video will appear where Arturo appears", a prohibited video.And I watch the program and it was a terrible video, that I was stoned because at that time we were together, we had gone to a show Many things came to you, because in the end this relationship was lived by me alone. I only illusion, "he ventured into TVN's" No Culpes a la Noche ".

In addition, the former reality girl broke when she told how difficult it was to go through this situation on her own. "It was something that few people knew.If anyone in my family knew, they knew very few, because the loss came later and it was terrible.It was terrible.I was locked in the apartment …," he said without restraining his tears.

After cardboard, he again referred to the attitude that Arturo Prat had at that moment, from which he was pinned to death.

"I was very passionate about him.I was happy.He said" we can build a family all three. "He was very affectionate with children, my family is the same.We had projects together.Because he made me believe in these projects (…) Find yourself guilty at this point, not if I had a very bad time It was super difficult to get up, to see that they were talking about one thing and another about you No one even thinks or questions what others are telling you about yourself is a lie, "he added.

Finally, Angelica said she should have sought help to get ahead after the loss of her baby was confirmed.

"It was very hard to talk to people who knew you, to say it all was very difficult, what I had left was to find a psychologist and to vent, to cry, at that time I had a lot of hatred, a lot of anger, I felt that everybody was guilty because I lost the bus.Cause you feel guilty first.It says "you did it wrong because I was competing.All bad.And then you really say that I was not to blame.Before things.And you looked and said & # 39; they did. "I was looking for a person responsible for the pain you felt at that time," he concluded.

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