Shadows Die Twice Collector's Edition in detail in two unboxings


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is one of the most powerful releases of the year. The creators of Dark Souls take the action genre to their territory through an adventure of ninjas, samurai, mystical beasts, death and (as predicted in the title) resurrection.

For all of the above, advertising campaign It's through the clouds. And if only the From Software logo was enough to convince you, you might want to take a look at the collector's edition that will accompany the release game. The one whose maximum claim will be, as non- the majestic statue of its protagonist.

A first ticket to address the experience with all kinds of extras that we can appreciate when
we have control – or keyboard – in hand. Enough incentive to invest in the 109.95 euros in which is valued? Maybe you have a little more clarity with this unboxing offered by PlayStation Access.

The Essentials: This edition includes, along with a copy of the game:

  • A limited edition steel book with an exclusive wolf illustration
  • The soundtrack in digital format through a download code
  • An exclusive map with in-game design and texture
  • A collector's edition art book
  • 3 Token-inspired coins (Sengoku period), which we can collect in the game
  • A figure of the wolf of an arm only of approximately 18 cm

However, the way all of the above items have been packaged inside the collector box is equally interesting. The elements are organized so that they can be extracted or simply exposed without too many complications. In addition, the map is rolled up like a parchment, which gives an extra advantage over your presentation.

CoinsOn the other hand, you can carry them in your pocket, although you can differentiate them from the ones you normally use. Not only because of its characteristic hole in the middle, but because of its generous size.


In the part of the figure, Activision did not save in detail when re-creating this 18 cm Armed wolf, coming from a piece except the katana, which is assembled in a simple way. You can see their packaging and presentation at the next unboxing offered by the IGN YouTube channel.

It is interesting to note that the price of this Sekiro: Shadows Die twice collector's edition is much more accessible than most other collector's editions of other games and generally offer the same content (or less), to which we must add that it is not often that these types of editing are published on the PC.

For its part, all versions and editions of Sekiro: shadows die twice will be available soon: the one-armed Wolf will consume his lethal vengeance March 22 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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