Saturday , October 23 2021

Seven municipalities of Cortés in an epidemic area due to the increase of dengue


San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Dengue continues to gain ground and the population needs to unite because there are already seven municipalities of Cortés that are in an epidemic zone. These are Omoa, Choloma, San Manuel

Villanueva, Pimienta, Potrerillos and San Pedro Sula.

The epidemic area means that the cases exceeded the peaks of previous years.

In Villanueva, they will initiate a thorough cleaning work to eliminate hatcheries from the larva of the dengue transmitting mosquito. The measure is part of the strategies that will be implemented by the municipal authorities and relief agencies of Villanueva to halt the advance of the disease that already reaches 469 citizens, between children and adults. The figure is the highest registered in the 12 municipalities that compose the department of Cortés, which led to Mayor Walter Perdomo and councilors declared emergency in the face of health threat.

"We have to act quickly so that the situation is not worse than it is, the number of patients is alarming and we must prevent it from increasing," said the concerned chief engineer.

Yesterday, in the mayor's office, an emergency meeting was held to finalize details on the actions that are already starting to be implemented this day to combat the insect.

Perdomo explained that they saw the fumigation personnel of the Ministry of Health, cleaning campaign and other actions to eliminate the vector, "what we see is that this work is not giving effect, we do not know if the chemical they are using is good or something else is missing ".

Gerardo Espinoza, director of the Chamber of Commerce of Villanueva, said he feared that in the two weeks holiday, companies, especially the maquila, have recovered.

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"We are preparing strategies so that the workforce of the industry is minimally affected," he said. Cecilia Ordóñez, an epidemiologist from the Health Region of the Cortes, said that the decision of the Corporation to declare an emergency is theirs, given the concern about the high incidence of cases.

"We have not been warned and therefore no one attended this meeting.We have reported on the incidence in the department.There is now an increase in cases and the endemic channel has gone from alarm to epidemic area.

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