Sernapesca to leave with new season assignments for sardine and anchoveta capture in Bío Bío | National


Sernapesca will debut with new assignments in the time of capture of sardines and anchovies that could open tomorrow in the area, depending on the state of the resource. The national director of the Office ruled out the criminalize fishermen, that in extreme cases they could face arrest.

The law to strengthen Sernapesca is totally effective after several years of processing in Congress, and although it considers an increase of more than 500 people by 2020, it will be able to immediately exercise new faculties audits and sanctions.

Everything will be tested when the fishery for sardine and anchovy fishing begins, one of the most important fisheries in the region, which is scheduled for each March 1st, but which is currently awaiting reports from Ifop that will be available in the next few hours. resource statusAlicia Gallardo, national director of the farm, said in Concepción.

Gallardo was emphatic that certification is required and necessary to obtain the Accreditation of Legal Origin of the resources.

The director rejected the allegations of criminalization that some fishermen's organizations in the region have launched that fear they will be persecuted with unjust imprisonment with this new law in force.

This year, the certifying entity Intertek will expand its coverage to the smaller fleet, thus covering the certification of the landings of the entire fleet of artisanal and industrial seiners in Bio Bio.

Sernapesca, meanwhile, will carry out supervisory and supervisory tasks with the new powers conferred by law, said regional director Claudio Baéz.

Everything is ready for the artisanal fishing fleet of Bío Bío to sail for the capture of 216,888 tons of sardines and anchovies in the coming days allocated for this year.

The regulations establish 10 days of exclusive operation for vessels less than 15 meters in length and subsequently the fleet 15 and 18 meters.

The main fishing area is in Concepción Bay and the Gulf of Arauco. Ñuble and Bío Bío have been declared contiguous sea areas, so that the 450 ships that operate with sardines and anchovies may move in both regions.


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