Sentence of Marco in the TV series "Pact of Blood" that caused a wave of laughter in the social networks


The TV series "Blood Pact" on Channel 13 is living its last chapters, so the history of this program is causing a stir every time they are broadcast.

Under this scenario and in the midst of the tension experienced, on Monday it was possible to see how Marco is still locked in his house in order to end his drug treatment in a normal way in order to "clean up."

The point is that the character continues to suffer from withdrawal problems in order to use cocaine. In one of the scenes it was possible to see how he took advantage of a supervision of his personal nurse and was discovered, which meant that he had to go through a severe process and took a phrase that everyone will remember.

At that time, the employer complained to Benjamin about the treatment he received. "This guy is sick, he is crazy, he is not a nurse Look how the piece has me, he forced me to take off my clothes"He said.

"He checked me in the hole."He added. This comment caused his friend's indignation and, incidentally, caused the laughter of viewers who have been shown on social networks.

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