Senator Navarro proposed the transfer of Congress to Santiago to revoke travel expenses


After Government announced the 20% decline in travel expenses On the part of the ministers, the opposition made an appeal to accelerate its regulation.

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Faced with the skyrocketing expense generated by the secretaries of state when traveling to Congress, the senator Alejandro Navarro He presented the solution for the exemption of travel expenses: Moving Congress to the Metropolitan Region, according to Biobio Chile.

Given this, the politician said that "Chile is the only country in the world that has the Executive separate from the Legislative".

In this context, the deputy of the Democratic Revolution, Pablo Vidal, said that the "most logical" thing is that ministers, like parliamentarians, must pay the expenses and "It's not a black box that has no possibility of control".

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On the other hand, the deputy of the National Renewal, Andrés Celis, noted that "it can not be that a parliamentarian who was candidate in Arica or Punta Arenas, who knew that his work is in Valparaiso, Copper"


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