seeks to honor his father


Juan José Alegría managed to conquer the public through the seven chapters that he has in the program "Pasapalabra" of Chilevisión.

The competition between Alegría and the Spaniard Alicia Cano paused as they faced each other in the "La Pista" section, where they lived a moment of excitement with the student of Civil Engineering in Computer Science.

The artist Julian Elfelbein consulted him on what the people on the street told him because of his recent fame. But the young man said that he did not leave much because he is working on the thesis.

He then said he was doing a computational analysis of protein, and then "sorted those images and decided whether the person is eligible for a gastric cancer treatment or not"

The election of a specific subject drew attention, for which the boy had to explain his reasons. "I really like the area of ​​health and a small tribute to my father; he died of gastric cancer, so he wanted to do something cool for him"He reported.

"This treatment is super new and allows better survival, it is not yet healing. I hope this year ends the thesis," to which Julian Elfelbein assured him that Your father would be very proud of him., generating an emotional moment.

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