SEE SOMETHING STRANGE? Scientists surprised with the photo of this seal in Haiti


Scientists have shown their surprise by the situation experienced by a seal in Hawaii. While at first glance the animal is observed in total relaxation, his case has worried the experts.

It turns out that in the picture, shared on the Facebook from the Hawaiian Monge Seal Research Program, you see an eel stuck in the nose of the mammal.

Team members who care about these animals of the third similar case they observe.

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But how does this happen? Scientists believe that seals search for food on coral reefs by inserting their snouts between cracks or under the sand of the soil. Then, at that moment, the eels are introduced into their noses.

They also do not rule out that the seal ate the eel, and then regurgitated through the nose, informs LiveScience.

The situation is potentially dangerous for the animal, since the eel can infect pathogens that would seriously affect the health, so they must be operated to remove them from their body.

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