Sebastián Moreno and the resignation of Andrés Fazio to the ANFP: "Your departure is painful"


A real tremor was experienced by the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) with the unexpected resignation of Vice President Andres Fazio, who argued personal reasons for leaving office.

After the surprise game, the president of the governing body of soccer, Sebastián Moreno, explained the departure of the former director. "We deeply regret the departure of Andrés (Fazio). Your departure is painful but you have to accept and understand the personal reasons you had to give up. He showed me personal situations and you have to understand them. "

"We have very important challenges. In the short and medium term, the Copa America, women's football, Juan Pinto Durán, etc. The ball does not stop. We continue to play the game. "

Fazio was one of the main promoters in the arrival of the coach of the Chilean team, Reinaldo Rueda, and before a possible exit from the Colombian, Moreno was clear to point out that the coach will not leave the Red.

"We are always talking to Reinaldo (Rueda), I have to call him now, he is in Concepción, there is always talk with him and with the directory, we also need to talk to him. He is very committed and the departure of Andres (Fazio) will not determine his departure "said Moreno.

Finally, the president of ANFP announced the date to meet the new vice president. "These charges must be completed, March must be set, we have to close this question in the early days of April. We have the task of studying the names and that they serve the wills of the directory. You have to find the most appropriate name in the Council of Presidents. After that, the directory will be voted on. "


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