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Scientists create mammograms that do not compress breasts or use X-rays

The Argentine scientists were recognized and obtained the second place by the ingenious creation. TVN


A team of Argentine scientists, which are part of the Scientific Research Committee (CIC) of the province of Buenos Aires, has created an optical mammograph that uses infrared light.

The invention attracted attention because does not use X-rays, much less requires mechanical understanding, which is what has so far pleased women, because of how uncomfortable and painful the examination.

They ensure that the examination can be done more often and apply in young, besides facilitating the work of physicians today.

"The aim of our optical mammography is not to replace traditional mammography, which so far is the best method there is, but offer a device that doctors can apply to your consultation more easily; an option that also offers solutions in areas that traditional mammography can not cover as continuous monitoring in younger women, "explained Juan Pomarico, El Día newspaper.

In addition, he explained that "thanks to the light that diffusely travels within the human tissue, it is possible to connect it from the same face with which the tissue is illuminated, as a backscattered. instead of compressing the chest between two plates as is done in traditional mammograms, the patient rests in a low mouth at a table with a transparent window where it is illuminated and receives light. "

Nicolas Carbone, another of the researchers, assured that There are still stages to be undertaken to implement it: "The next step is to do the full stage of clinical trials where the device is tested to see if it is able to detect the presence of the disease. For this, we need to develop a device different from the one we use in the laboratory, which can be taken to a hospital and tested. "



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