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The Italian Fernando Aiuti, a renowned immunologist who in the 1990s kissed a young woman with HIV, died today in Rome after falling down the stairs of the Gemelli hospital, where he was hospitalized for a Severe ischemic heart disease, said the health center.

Aiuti was a renowned scientist renowned for his work in the fight against AIDS and will be remembered above all for the kiss that in 1991 and before all the cameras gave Rosaria Iardino, a young woman with AIDS, to demonstrate this, against what even the World Health Organization was defending, A kiss could not transmit the disease.

At age 83, the immunologist died of "immediate complications of a trauma" after a fall, although he had been ill for a long time due to severe ischemic heart disease, which forced him to be hospitalized several times and, according to the official statement. by Gemelli

It was precisely Rosaria Iardino one of the first to pronounce on the death of Aiuti.

"Fernando Aiuti died, my kiss man, great immunologist and man, with him I have discussed so many times … Remembering the man and the teacher, I can not do anything but thank you for your tremendous contribution to the fight against AIDS"wrote Iardino on Twitter.

President and founder of the National Association for the Fight against AIDS (ANLAIDS), was also for almost 30 years professor of Internal Medicine, director and professor of the School of Specialization in Allergy and Clinical Immunology, as well as coordinator of the PhD in Research. in Sciences of Immunological Therapies at La Sapienza University in Rome.

The Italian Health Minister, Giulia Grillo, also had words of condolences for the death of Aiuti, of whom she said that "Science weeps for a great man today. "

"The death of Fernando Aiuti, the world leader in the fight against AIDS, saddens me a lot, I am sure that his great commitment will go through the National Association to Combat AIDS. AIDS"concluded Grillo.

Source: EFE

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