Samsung and Huawei resolve patent dispute


Maybe it was not the most famous fight in the industry. But Samsung and Huawei Over the past few years, they have carried out one of the most extensive lawsuits in the smartphone industry.

But fortunately those days are over. Since then, according to a report by the Reuters news agency, both manufacturers have finally decided to settle the suit before the court.

It all started in 2016, when both started the lawsuits in the courts of the United States and China. Where Huawei claimed that Samsung had stolen part of its communication technology.

Samsung and Huawei resolve patent dispute

Now both companies have signed a settlement agreement on February 25, 2019. Filing a joint motion before a US appeals court. UU

With this, all legal proceedings arising from this legal process would have automatically come to an end. Where both entities get an agreement between them.

Samsung has always denied the allegations. Recalling the classic response that, in fact, the alleged offended was abusive because of its high fees for the use of its technology.

Everything has been scheduled for the grand lawsuit between Samsung and Huawei to begin its trial in September this year.

But everything was solved ahead of time. Although Huawei still has several problems in the United States.


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