"Sad day for my country": the Bolivian driver Juan Carlos Salvatierra is excluded from the Dakar 2019 | sports


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O The Bolivian driver Juan Carlos "Chavo" Salvatierra finally not participate in the Dakar Rally 2019 by determination of the organization, who reported on Sunday that his vehicle does not meet the required technical conditions.

Angered by the decision taken a day after the start of the demanding test in Peru, Salvatierra himself lamented its exclusion through social networks. "I am writing to inform you officially that @ dakar organization, contrary to their regulations and the @ FIM_live regulationsleft us out of the Dakar Rally 2019. It's a sad day for my country, my team and sports in general.", Wrote Salvatierra in his Twitter account.

The organization did not finally approve the Bolrenian Barren Racer One 690 quadricycle, consider it a prototype and not a machine made in series.

"Salvatierra is a great rider and friend of the Dakar. We do not rule out his participation in the Dakar 2019, but the quad that you want to participate does not conform to the rules of the test, which determine that vehicles must be accessible to all and manufactured in series. This is not the case for this quad, which is a prototype. We informed the pilot of this situation on October 12, "the organization tweeted.

The pilot believes that the decision is discriminatory and argues that, in similar cases, the participation of European competitors has not been interrupted. On Friday he had written another message in which he pointed out "I feel discriminated against by the organization of the Dakar. They play with my country and me.. They ask me to change the ATV, but they have confirmed my registration and that of the vehicle months ago, confirming that it complies with the regulations. The quad already participated in 2 previous Dakar with a European pilot"

He clarified that, for security reasons, he rejected the offer of his compatriot W√°lter Nosiglia, who he put at his disposal the quad of his backpacker to participate in the competition. "To look for a victory you have to accelerate to the maximum and go to the limit, and for this you have to know the machine. To accept would be irresponsible, because I would be risking my life ", explained Salvatierra.


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