Rumors resound that Apple could manufacture its own vehicle


Apple has hired one of Tesla's most prominent car profile designers, Andrew Kim, as indicated on social networks, again sparking rumors that the company running Tim Cook might be designing his own car.

Kim posted a photo on Instagram at Apple Park, the technology headquarters in California and updated his profile on LinkedIn to put Apple as his current workplace, in a list that includes Tesla and Microsoft, where he took his first steps as a designer led -o to achieve notoriety in the sector.

At Microsoft, Kim worked on user interface design for Windows 10 and the Xbox One S video game console, and at Tesla helped design the 3, S, X and Y models of the well-known high-performance electric vehicle company.

Kim's arrival at the chopped apple company comes after Tesla's chief vehicle engineer Doug Field left in August to return precisely to Apple, where he had been vice president of Mac hardware years ago.

According to the CNBC news agency, the Tesla employee movement for Apple has been somewhat "usual" in 2018, which has reignited rumors in the media about a possible bet by the Cupertino company for manufacturing. of cars.

Apple does not hide that it is working on developing a software system for vehicles without a driver, but the company ensures that its current interest is limited to the software and that it has no plans to create its own vehicle since it abandoned this project in 2016.


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