Rueda is left alone in Pinto Durán


Reinaldo Rueda changes the speech. Shorten deadlines. For the first time, he sets the Copa América as the first & # 39; check point & # 39; of his leadership at La Roja. He does not look more exclusively at the Qatar World Cup in 2022, as he came to the national team to replace Juan Antonio Pizzi after the failure to reach Russia in 2018. The Colombian assumes that he is questioned and puts his future in the hands of selection. ANFP He is alone in Juan Pinto Durán. The unrestricted support he had when he arrived is no longer so.

"Our continuity or not, is a unilateral decision," he says, taking on the complex scenario he faces. That is, he makes clear that his intention is to continue the process beyond what happens in Brazil, but also that determination does not depend on his will. On the contrary, he is subject to the results obtained and to the image of football that his team leaves. Two parameters, a goal and a subjective one, that play against you. Under his command, Red records only 44% of performance and his style of play is far from what dazzled South America, who came to check the powers and who, above all, accustomed fans to see a Selection dynamic and offensive.

"Our decision as a technical team is to continue developing the work and complying with what we have promised." We hope that with a good job and success in the Copa América, we will continue on the road. but this is football, "he insists, so there is no question about his intention, but neither is he aware of the pressing situation he is facing and the examination to come.

Earlier this month, the ANFP had given a strong signal that the coach's continuity had a fixed deadline. It established the South American tournament as the time to review Cali's work in terms of results, level of play and inclusion of elements to renew the team, moreover, after the 1-1 against the United States in Houston, the coach will be released from the last obligation. This time, Rueda displayed a tape at a press conference to try to prove that the word "reserva" had not left his mouth. "I never spoke in replacement. I do not know why they say this, I do not know why they say I step on my ass," he said.

The concrete thing is that Rueda will have tasks related to the search of new talents, which neither contemplated. Under his command will be, for example, the direction of the combined U23 that will play the Esperanzas tournament of Toulon, an obligation that was not included in its initial plans. The same ANFP had formally informed that Bernardo Redín, assistant of King, would be the one who directed that combined of projection and that Rueda would be in the bench in the Olympic one. However, this situation has also changed.

The last time, Rueda showed signs of resignation that also show discomfort. For example, he revealed that he asked the Council of Presidents of ANFP to advance the recess before the Copa America in a week to facilitate the preparation of the National Team, which indicates his concern with a disproportionate schedule. "It's a request that we are making from Red to the presidents of the clubs so that the Chilean league stops on day 14 and not on day 15, to recover a week of those that we lost in January for the sub 20 South American." and thus have more participation of players who play in Chile in the concentration of the Copa America, "he explained.

The inability to have all the players he wants to add to his job is one of the more complicated issues. In March, the last FIFA date available to bring together its best men, could not count on players from the Catholic University and Palestine, for the agreement that had signed the ANFP with the two clubs that competed in the Super Cup not to subtract the key elements to this definition. Today there is the presence of players crossed like Edson Puch and Jose Pedro Fuenzalida in the tournament that will be played in Brazil because of their excellent performances, but without having the chance to see them together with those who form a stable part of the payrolls that lead by Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez and Gary Medel, among others.

Moreover, in Quilín, Rueda has few people to talk with confidence. Without going further, you no longer have your favorite interlocutor. Former vice president Andres Fazio, key to his arrival and responsible for making him known, proved to be the closest leader of La Roja coach, who left in late February, leaving a gap that Moreno failed to fill. communication with the TD. The importance of Fazio also reached the players, with whom he shared and negotiated in the previous process and maintained a closer relationship than the current helmsman of Chilean football.


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