Ronald Fuentes prepares his return as coach


The former sports manager says he is immediately available to a team "that is clear where he is going."

After his departure from the sports management of University of Chile, Ronald Fuentes wants to return to football. "Chilenita" had a controversial exit from the Blues last year, with aggressions in the middle, and now is looking for other horizons.

In a conversation with the newspaper La Tercera, Fuentes said he changed his way of life. "I'm a lot thinner, I lost nine pounds in two and a half months. I'm going to the gym, I had time for myself, so the technical diver fits me well, "he said.

"Together with the members of my coaching staff, each of us followed four teams from the local tournament, so we can enter, good or bad things to be ready when we go to a club. I do not mind driving in First or First B. I just want the institution to be clear about where it is going. I am available to drive immediately, from the day I left the U ", added the former coach of Iberia.

The former sports manager of the students analyzed the moment in which the team is passing after the arrival of Alfredo Arias. "For everything that happened, for everything that came out in the press,It's unfortunate how Arias arrived. More than Frank's departure or anything else, It's because of the subject of lying. It cost him nothing to say everything he said afterward., but it already was. Now, the important thing is for them to let you work in silence, "he said.

"It's unfortunate what happens to U and Carlos (Heller). The death threats are not worth Carlos or anyone. Not even a player who plays horrible. But when the limit of counting the scribbles is over, and you're threatened with death, I think you have to stop. It is not presentable. I saw death threats on your WhatsApp last year."added Fuentes.

Finally, the former coach of the University of Concepcion said he continues to sympathize with the Blues, although "I did not go to the stadium to see, but I still like it. It is unfortunate the moment he is living, he is in a very strong crisis. One of the things I left the U was not end up hating based on what could come ".


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