Review how to enforce the warranty


The exchange of Christmas gifts has come to an end, and with it, the traditional gift change period, whether by fault or taste.

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Given the different variables that can lead the consumer to change the product they gave him on Christmas Eve, retail and retail stores deliver "Change passage", a tool that makes this process more expeditious.

O National Consumer Service (Sernac) legally established three-month warranty, of which three options are derived: money back, change or repair.

In order to exercise the legal guarantee, consumers should go directly to the company where the product was purchased, presenting a document that proves the purchase, such as an invoice or invoice.

O change passage is offered by retail as a Satisfaction guaranteeThus, this voluntary policy allows consumers to change the product without any reason during 10, 20 or 30 days, Reported Sernac.

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To the settlement products The use of the guarantee is also valid, except for purchases in which the company previously informs that the purchase is "Second selection", "Made with used materials" or other equivalents.

It should be noted that they can not limit the number or type of branchesNor can they put barriers when they want to make use of the benefit.

Online shopping

When shopping through the Internet, the Law grants right to retract, then the buyer may repent within the 10 days provided that a product or service has been contracted or acquired, unless the company reports otherwise.

If the company does not send a written confirmation of the contract, the withdrawal period 90 days

If a transaction is made with a foreign company, there is the complaints portal, since the Consumer Law applies only to domestic purchases.

In case you have a problem and do not get a positive response from the company, you can complain to SERNAC through Consumer Portal or calling 800 700 100in the Service Offices across the Country.

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