Thursday , July 29 2021

Reveal the deceased's identity and report the wounded

The authorities in the Los Ríos region have revealed the identity of the three deceased people who left the accident this morning on Route 5 South, at the height of San José de la Mariquina, Los Ciruelos sector, where 45 people were injured, one of which is serious .

The three fatal victims were identified as Rigoberto Muñoz and Luzinda Santibañez, residents of the commune of Lanco, and the driver of the Pirihueico bus, Ricardo Carrasco, with residence in the city of Melefquén.

On the other hand, from the address of the Regional Hospital of Valdivia, it was announced the state of health of the 10 people who remain in said health center, where one of them is in serious condition.

According to the medical report, 35 people were discharged from the Lanco and Santa Elisa hospitals, leaving only the wounded at the Valdivian hospital, which had polytones, fractures and frontal lesions.

The ages of the wounded oscillate between 11 and 73 years, and it is not ruled out that in the next hours some of them are sent to their respective houses.

It is worth mentioning that the road collision occurred between a private bus of temporary workers, a commercial passenger machine, a truck and a car, a situation that would have been caused by a demonstration of artisanal fishermen in the vicinity of the place.

"Product cut off the route, the flames and smoke some people got off a bus and a truck hit them, resulting in the death of three people and more than 30 injured," he said after arriving at the crash site in Los Angeles. Rio, César Asenjo.

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