Report to the Carabineros and investigation in the Glamorama Public Ministry


Since returning to Chile more than a year ago, Jorge "Mago" Validivia and Daniela Aránguiz were far from any scandal, such as those who have lived in the past. This lasted until the early hours of yesterday, according to The Fourth.

The newspaper says the couple had a row with one of the waitresses at the famous Las Condes hotel bar, identified only by the initials of their name, C. G. R.

After the fight, which occurred late, the waitress made a complaint to the 17th-century police station in that commune and the facts are being investigated by the Prosecutor of the East, thanks to the images obtained from the hotel's security cameras.

The full report of La Cuarta can read it here.

Meanwhile, in a non-text summary, the local official assured the Carabineros that, on Wednesday night, Valdivia and Aránguiz arrived with two men and one woman in the most exclusive bar of this hotel in La Condes.

"But the night devastated the diners and the conversation began to increase of tone," says the chronicle, who quotes the police.

After 1am yesterday, the team asked them to request a final round of drinks and pay the bill as the closing time approached.

Daniela tried to do it right away, "but that was not possible because the men decided to consume one more dose, that of the stirrup, as they call it in the south," the newspaper says. And details:

It's that in the writing written by the men in green you can read that the fight started here … In the complaint he says that Jorge and one of his friends (about 40 years old) were talking about a woman while they were taking their cards to take on the costs.the halfway Dialogue that blew CGR and that caused Valdivia to interrupt everything with a man? do not stray, the young lady heard you.

"Words that made the morning panelist explode: Daniela attacked the clerk at the police station and asked loudly if she wanted to perform a small, dignified sexual maneuver for her husband.

"After an exchange of phrases and with everyone standing, the dancer would also try to attack the waitress and here the idol of the albos intervenes.

"The part that was sent to the judiciary speaks of a" Mago "elbow to the garzona and after a push." ​​After that, he tries to grab me by the hand, squeezes my wrist and starts crying and insults to get me out of there, "you can read in the testimony of the alleged victim.

"What comes next are various threats and the departure of these two well-known members of the national jet set with an unknown destination."

Following C. G. R.'s complaint, the Public Prosecutor's Office had access to the security records and the waitress will be called to testify.


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