Replacing batteries for the iPhone in 2018 would have been more than expected


According to Tim Cook's statements and the low sales estimates of iPhoneToday we have new information for you.

And it also has a direct relationship with the case of deceleration smartphones from Apple. Remember that this has reached the point where they had to take a function to manage the state of the stack, among other things. Another option is to check the status of the battery itself.

Based on all this, those of Cupertino initiated a program of replacement of battery of these cellular. That would give a "second life" to users' devices. This project closed on December 31, 2018.

Now, what remains in doubt is how many users would have accessed the replacement plan.

Some say that the organization had planned to be between 1 and 2 million customers who accesses this option. But they did not give a final official figure.

That was how the Daring Fireball medium managed to gather more information about it.

11 million spare parts in different iPhone battery

According to the estimate, in total, Apple would have made 11 million changes in various iPhone batteries. So, by making the differences between the initial expectations and the latter value, we could say that, in the least cases, there were 9 million difference in the calculated units.

If we take $ 800 as the average price of each iPhone, this leads us to calculate that Tim Cook's company could lose as much as $ 2,400,000 in revenue. That is, this value would correspond to the marketing of new phones of its and not a battery replacement that is a bit cheaper.

However, despite these unrealized numbers, after the estimated close in the fall in revenues, It is believed that Apple would rebound in numbers in the coming months.

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