Red women will meet their rivals for the World Cup in France 2019


O Chilean women team finally you can find out who will be their rivals for the next World Cup in France in 2019, as this Saturday will be held the contest of the contest in Seine Musicale from Paris.

The team led by José Letelier part of Bombo 4 next to Argentina, Jamaica, Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa.

You can follow the minute of the draw since the 14:00 next to

The drums that make up the draw for the 2019 World Cup in France

Bombo 1: France, United States, Germany, England, Canada, Australia.

Bombo 2: Japan, Brazil, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Norway.

Bombo 3: South Korea, China, Italy, Scotland, New Zealand, Thailand.

Bombo 4Chile, Argentina, Nigeria, Jamaica, South Africa, Cameroon.


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