Recognized brand challenges you to live a year without a cell phone for 100 thousand dollars | Society


The company Vitamin water He has thrown a challenge for those who dare to live a whole year without the cell phone, receiving in exchange the sum of $ 100 thousand.

Through their social networks, the company challenged potential volunteers to sign up for this type of experience: "Did you know that one in two people say I could not live without your & # 39; smartphone & # 39;", they wrote.

To sign up, those interested should post on Vitamin Water networks why they need, want or should rest from their cell phones, and tell what they would do in those 365 days without WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

At the end of the difficult test, competitors must demonstrate how they did not use their smartphones and will be subjected to a lie detector to "check" that what they say is 100% real.

For some, the challenge seems very simple, but do they really believe they can live 12 months, 8,760 hours and 525,600 minutes without connecting to social networks? …Even when the prize is almost 70 million Chilean pesos?.


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