Reappearance of former soccer player Frank Lobos in Pasapalabra generated a series of comments on Twitter | TV and Show


Tonight a new chapter of the stellar is lived Password Chilevisión, where two competitors are faced with a 112 million pesos.

In the episode they face Alicia Cano and Juan José Alegría, who were accompanied by Daniella Campos, Catherine Mazoyer, Francisco Kaminski and the former soccer player Frank Lobos.

Precisely the appearance of the latter was the one that most caught the attention of viewers in social networks, as many remembered that the small player who shone in the U-17 team that won the third place in the World Cup in Japan in 1993.

On television, Lobos showed up in the Musical Track game and other insights, though sometimes his nerves played against him.

However, some followers commented on the supposed "Great hotel" of the athlete, who is currently 42 years old and has retired from football for 13 years.

It is necessary to remember that Lobos was one of the great promises of the Chilean football that did not manage the final consolidation by a series of factors, emphasizing in this selection Sub-17 next to Sebastián Rozental, Dante Poli and Manuel Neira; among others.

In addition, the former soccer player stood out for being jury of the Festival of Viña del Mar in 1994 and having had a brief appearance in the television series Heartbreaker of TVN, that same year.

These were some reactions in social networks.


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