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You already know the saying that little joy lasts in the house of the poor. And you saw it. Juanmi scored a great goal and almost when we finished celebrating Barca had already put in front again on the scoreboard. There, certainly, was the key of the game, because Real was facing Barcelona.

The possibility of a tie was near because Imanol's were always very involved. Surely things would have changed to mark the Real in the best opportunity of the first part, the double that neither Juanmi nor Willian managed to finish. In these fields and in front of these teams, occasions must be taken advantage of because they are not abundant. Real managed to advance in the first half in which Messi and company did not even get scared. At least we saw a Real with personality, ready to make his game, something he achieved for many minutes. But … There is always one but and this time it came, as so often, in the last minutes of the first part. And that's it, again, the blanquiazules fit in a goal with a ball stopped. This time it was in a corner kick that Lenglet nodded when Merino did not reach the ball. One mistake, one goal. And this is repeated throughout the season. Indeed, of the four goals that Barcelona scored for Real this season, three were paralyzed, both from Anoeta and the first from yesterday.

This time, in addition, the goal came when the Real was completing a very serious first half, which in no case deserved to lose. In fact, the first ball that had to stop Rulli was in the 37 minutes, a soft kick of Messi, in the hands of the Argentine goalkeeper of Real. Until then he had already scored Real, but …

THE BEST The team was alive to the end, although Ter Stegen did not give much work, as the worst injuries continue to diminish Imanol's; yesterday they fell Zubeldia and LlorenteEl DATODe the four goals that Barca did this season for the three real were for the parliamentary ballLA CLAVE DEL PARTIDasi was not able to prove the goal of Juanmi, because it was soon the goal of Jordi Alba

But the blues and whites were emptied of a complicated field in which this time to give a good image did not add up. Because despite Juanmi's goal, in a very good pass from Merino, in the next action the Real already lost. A pity that nobody protested the position of DembelĂ©, because it is evident that he is impeded in the trajectory of the ball and also intervenes in the move to withdraw to pass the ball. At least it was a play in which the referee should have gone to see the action on television, but it was not so. If it had been in the other goal …

The bad thing, besides the defeat, which in this case was predictable, is that Imanol, in a week in which he expects two games in four days, will lose, if I am not mistaken, two other important players like Llorente and Zubeldia. The bruises continue to punish the team as they did throughout the season and from here to the end will be no different.

Now comes two straight games in Anoeta, which is where the team owes a huge debt to their fans. Although Europe is more fictitious than real, Real is forced to play in front of its audience as if it were their life before two rivals that come with a lot at stake, one down, Villarreal and another up, Getafe. Fans deserve joy in the form of victories.


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