Real Madrid | The 2 Italian clubs that do not lose sight of the situation of Gareth Bale


"Our focus is on the game. There all our attention is placed. The first leg was a very good game to watch and tomorrow our focus is there. Gareth and everyone. We are all united with the goal of winning tomorrow. He and all the players have the focus there ». Yesterday, the coach of Real Madrid, Santiago Solari, clarified, thus, the issues related to the delicate situation Gareth Bale, a footballer who takes every opportunity to show his discomfort for the secondary role he plays today.

Although the Argentine strives to remove the iron for the issue, the truth is that the situation did not go unnoticed beyond our borders. In addition, the portal This makes it clear today that two great Serie A clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan, remain alert and will not hesitate to act if the rope continues to tighten.

For this source, what happens in the game of King's Cup who now measure the whites with FC Barcelona can be decisive. If Bale starts as a headline or signs an excellent performance, speculation will be halted; If not, it is possible that the gap between Wales and Chamartín continue to increase and become irreparable.

In any case, the truth is that it is difficult to believe that in the case of a scenario favorable to a change of scenery, this pair of transalpine clubs have options of success. Bale has already shown that it is not easy for him to adapt to a new country, so the more logical is that, in case he leaves the Spanish capital, choose to return to the islands.


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