Wednesday , October 20 2021

Rapa Nui Mayor accused improvisation on dengue alert


The mayor of Easter Island Pedro Edmunds, accused "improvisation" by the health warning decree that governs the island, after the Public Health Institute confirmed 22 cases positive for dengue.

Edmunds said that "It should have been decreed at the time, but hey …is the way we have in our country to do things. Improvise, that's what's happening. "

"In February 2017 there were four cases (of dengue) and was decreed immediately, the focus was respected and did not reach more cases"he remembered.

Edmunds added that "this kind of reaction this time around I saw a little late and we can not withdraw from an acquired experience"

For its part, the Valparaíso Health Sermon Francisco Álvarez indicated that "it is necessary for the community to become aware of and contribute to self-care measures how to use repellents on exposed areas of the body, wear a shirt and long trousers ".

"It is important to discard unused objects that could collect water like tires and old bottles, we ask you to find gutters, among other things, "he said.

Although the Office of the General Controller has already taken the Health Notice, it must be published in the Official Journal. so that resources can only be activated to attack the outbreak, which will happen only this Monday.

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