Rafael Araos resigns as head of the Minsal Epidemiology Department


The Ministry of Health announced on Monday the resignation of the head of the Department of Epidemiology of the portfolio, Rafael Araos.

Alejandra Pizarro, a surgeon at the Diego Portales University and a specialist in public health at the Pontifical Catholic University, will take her place.

Although some Minsal voices point out that there would be communication problems between Araos and the cabinet of the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, from the portfolio they clarify that the exit is due to the fact that he started to assume responsibilities strictly linked to Covid-19, such as the relationship with universities, technical organizations – such as ICOVID- or other international institutions related to the pandemic. In this sense, Araos in his work as head of Epidemiology will be responsible for all the diseases that must be reported, and in his new position as advisor, he will be totally focused on the coronavirus. However, the decision took several distribution officials by surprise, which they viewed negatively as a sign of removing the head of Epidemiology from his duties amid a pandemic.

On May 23, Araos took office. The 41-year-old doctor attended the press office on the country’s situation in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Weeks earlier, he had published a tweet in which he released a letter from the Covid-19 Advisory SubTable, where signers requested a greater interinstitutional connection to access data that would allow an in-depth analysis of coronavirus behavior in the population.


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