Public sector workers call for national strike on Monday for salary readjustment «Diario y Rádio U Chile


"It is legitimate for any public sector worker to aspire to a major adjustment, but we are doing the best we can," Labor Minister Nicolas Monckeberg said.

Sunday, November 25, 2018 4:17 p.m.


At the last meeting of the week with the government, no agreement was reached. In this context, representatives of the Department of Public Sector confirmed a standstill indefinitely from tomorrow, Monday, November 26.

"We will start this process of unemployment on Monday, we will evaluate with the group of organizations the steps we are going to take and I want to show the government and both ministers (Finance and Labor) that they are not mistaken, that here organizations have to agreement, but what has to advance is the government ", stressed the president of ANEF, Carlos Insunza.

Although in the last consultation both parties lowered their expectations, the Salary adjustment still has a clear distance. The position of the workers remains at 7 percentage points and the 2.9 offered by the executive rose to 3.1%, which is still considered a floor insufficient by the authorities. As indicated, it remains at the level of inflation and corresponds only to a real increase of 0.2% on the CPI, close to 1,200 pesos on average.

Another factor that keeps workers upset is the lack of ministers at the six meetings. For this reason, they expect that next Monday they will be present to make a deal before the bill is reviewed in Congress.

The strike is a measure of pressure as negotiations with the government continue, union leaders said. Monday's meeting would be called at 18:30.


"It is legitimate for any public sector worker to aspire to a major adjustment, but we are doing the best we can" said the Minister of Labor and Social Assistance, Nicolas Monckeberg. He added that the spirit of agreement should prevail.

Listen to Monckeberg's statements here.

Several unions confirmed their support for the mobilization.

Workers at the National Board of Kindergartens (JUNJI), grouped under AJUNJI National, join the National Paro summoned, for this Monday.

"The MSP rejected and considered that the last offer of 3.1% made by the executive at the last general readjustment meeting was insufficient, while at the same time he strongly criticized that the ministers of Finance and Labor and Social Security Felipe Larraín and Nicolas Monckeberg, respectively, were not present in the last meetings, leaving the spaces very restricted for discussion. "

In addition, the 15 union organizations said that this day of protest is to signal the government to meet the demands of all state workers on economic, labor and social issues.

From AJUNJI they made "a call to the community not to send the children to the kindergartens of the network JUNJI on November 26. However, they announced that ethical changes will be made in special and urgent cases that have already been coordinated in the corresponding kindergartens. "


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