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Beach of death is the next title of Kojima Productions, developer of the legendary Hideo Kojima, who has been especially careful about the release date of the game for PS4. However, it seems that Norman Reedus does not take the same care and mentioned the alleged date during an interview.

The renowned actor Norman Reedus, famous among other things for being the protagonist of the series The Walking Dead, has launched yet another bomb in relation to the project where he is involved: Beach of death, the new video game by Hideo Kojima.

Norman Reedus Death Stranding

In a podcast by Dan Fogler, where he interviewed the American actor, he asked how the experience of working in Beach of death. Reedus said the experience was positive, not without also releasing a date for the possible debut of the game.

How do you know, Beach of death will be the next title of Kojima Productions, developer of the popular Hideo Kojima, who has worked with renowned film professionals such as Guillermo Del Toro (in the "P.T." project of Silent Hill, which was eventually canceled by Konami).

The release date of Death Stranding has been suspected in recent weeks due to a series of alleged and accidental releases that marked the release date for the end of the year and others for June 2019. However, the date that Reedus released is a completely new, that makes doubts grow.

This is part of the conversation with Dan Fogler, where people talk about Beach of death and its launch in the market:

Fogler: Tell me about this game

Reedus: Death Stranding?

Fogler: Yes

Reedus: It is amazing

Fogler: You showed me a trailer and that blew my head, man. So it's all motion capture, obviously.

Reedus: So it is.

Fogler: Did you like it?

Reedus: I've never done it the same way I did for it, it's totally another level and I've been to many video games, but nothing like that. And Guillermo Del Toro, he wrote to me saying that he and Hideo (Kojima) and I were going to play a different game supposedly, and that project was falling, because Hideo and that company (Konami) were breaking relationships. It was Kojima and Konami, they sort of split up in Japan and Sony called Hideo and that's how he started his own idea with Sony. So we started with this game, Guilermo told me "you should do this" and I said "what's this?", And he replied "you should do it". Then I met Hideo, he took me to the Video Game Music Awards. Then he goes down the stairs and the stairs are lit beneath him, something like, you know, I came back, and then 10,000 older men with tears in their eyes began to scream like Elvis and I I was like, who the hell is this guy? He's like a genius and then you talk to him and he realizes and says "oh, you're a genius." I think it would be great if he directed films because you would say "you know, maybe I should do something here, like this" and he would respond "Hmm, why do not you add that on top of that?", Ie you I would respond with a "no, no, no, I want it that way!" Whatever you bring, it will add some ingredients. He says "well, try then", and you say "it's much bigger".

Fogler: Wow, it's like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

Reedus: Yes, your style of explanation, the way your mind works, is such a genius no doubt.

Fogler: Can you tell me about the game? How's the story? Can you talk about what kind of character you are?

Reedus: It's not the kind of game where you kill everyone in the room. It's a game about bringing people together. You play that way, build bridges from here to there and other people do the same, and you connect, and the character I play has a phobia of being touched, and as long as you play that phobia you quit. It's complicated, but when you're at it, it does not seem so complicated. The game constantly surprises you with left and right decisions and what happens to you. It's a very strong game. It's visually amazing, and the story behind it is on another level. You know, it's not Pac-Man, it's not simple, but the philosophy behind it is something anyone can understand. "

Fogler: And when you leave, is it still in development?

Reedus: I think it will be earlier this year, I have three more sessions here in New York next week.

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