Prosecutors to request hearing to formally excomandante Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba | National


The Public Ministry will request a hearing to formalize the former commander in chief of the Army, Juan Miguel Fuente-Alba.

The government, for its part, announced measures to avoidance of reserved expenses within the Armed Forces.

The national prosecutor, Jorge Abbott, confirmed that the prosecutor's office will request a hearing to formalize Fuente-Alba, in the investigation of its estate being instructed by the center's prosecutor, José Morales.

In this investigation, it is intended to know the origin of the money in current accounts and property of the excommander in chief, what could constitute illicit enrichment and the possible concealment of its fortune, that supposedly would be classified as money laundering.

Despite this, Abbott did not specify the offense or crimes that will be attributed to the retired general in court, but said they are adjusting the last steps of the investigation to make future decisions.

For his part, the government condemned the retired general after the indictment issued by the visiting minister, Romy Rutherford, for the crime of misappropriation of public funds for an amount of 3,500 million pesos.

Defense Minister Alberto Espina rejected the actions that led to the indictment of Fuente-Alba.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense announced measures within the portfolio to avoid the misappropriation of reserved expenditures in the Armed Forces, highlighting civilian control over accountability of reserved expenses and control of the assets of senior officers of permanent path.

Minister Espina also defended the work of the current commander in chief of the Army, Ricardo Martínez, and maintained that during the period in which he held that position, he indicated that "all reserved expenses were invested correctly in the objectives of national defense ".

In this sense, the Secretary of State stated that Martinez told him that "he was not aware of what they would have made other commanders in chief ".


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