Problems with the Uber application? Users report crashes around the world


UPDATE (Monday 18/10, 18: 35hrs.): Uber confirms problems with the application

Uber confirmed in a statement that there are flaws in its application and are already working to resolve them. This is him declaration an employee of Uber México.

"We are aware of the technical problem that does not allow some users to use our application. We apologize and are working to find a solution as soon as possible."

A report from a user directly on Facebook via Facebook forced us to take the test. So we went to Twitter and found that users from Mexico, Latin America and various countries around the world are reporting a Uber crash, with several problems finding drivers and traveling.

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According to the reports, the problems would have started just over an hour ago and are also happening in the United States and Australia; besides the sister platforms of Uber, like Uber Eats. The reports have been confirmed from Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, etc.

According to users, the application issues are for users and for the steering partner version. Some reports have begun to register the problem and ensure that the fault is worldwide.

By the time of this increase, Uber had not decided on these reports of an international drop in its private transportation and delivery service.



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