Prize awarded for the work of three prominent Cuban endocrinologists


Camagüey, Cuba, Cuban Society of Endocrinology, First International Diabetes Congress, Lifetime Work Award

Havana, May 25. – The Cuban Society of Endocrinology (SCE) awarded the Prize in this capital For the work of a lifetime for three eminent professionals of this specialty, for their history, achievements and valuable contributions in this field.

The contributions of Professors Berta Carrasco Martínez, Omayda Torres and Oscar Díaz Díaz, who for several years directed the National Institute of Endocrinology (INE) and the National Congress of Endocrinology (INE) and is currently the head of the national specialty group.

Before the physicians Pastor Castel Florit-Serrate, president of the National Council of Scientific Societies of Health (CNSCS) and other renowned experts, SCE also delivered the Matthew Acosta Award to the best researcher, Dr. Eduardo Cabrera Rodes, for the scientific results of 36 years of work in lines of research related mainly to diabetes.

In addition, the Rosario García Award It was awarded to Dr. Manuel Vera González, a consultant professor at the Institute of Endocrinology, who has run the Convivencia project for more than 25 years, and other educational projects that contribute to raising the quality of life of patients with diabetes.

These projects, created in the Greater Antilles for the treatment of people with diabetes and their relatives, served as examples for other countries under similar conditions and were recognized by foreign experts, including Dr. Nam Cho, president of the International Federation. Diabetes, who on several occasions praised the way of working of Cuban doctors.

Meanwhile, of the papers presented at the congress one of the Multicellular Mortality by Diabetes Mellitus, from a group of authors from the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology and Microbiology; and also received an award from a collective of the Laboratory of Experimental Metabolism and Clinical Research, Mexico.

Doctor of Science Pedro Luis Veliz Martínez, director of the CNSCS, represented the quality of the Congress, which brought together more than 350 delegates from a number of nations and addressed a number of issues, including diabetes and obesity due to excessive adiposity, a growing problem worldwide .

From the point of view of health, we have seen in this forum a model in which several national and international scientific societies have been integrated and is an example to achieve integration in different areas of knowledge that give a more comprehensive attention to health problems, he said.

He announced that the next congress will take place in November 2021. (ACN) (image: file)


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